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About Us

We're a father and son business: I owned and ran One Earth Wholefoods in Lancaster for 15 years and Antony does all the web-work.

I feel that supplements have an important role to play in helping maintain optimum health: we stock a small range of invaluable products that are created with the highest integrity and do the job they were made for... read more.


We will dispatch to any country in the EU. We make every effort to dispatch within 24hrs, but have no control over mail delivery times... read more.


We use PayPal for processing online transactions. PayPal is a third-party company that was founded in 1998 to facilitate secure transactions over the internet. Today, it is used by about 35 million people across 100,000 sites in Europe alone, making it the second most popular choice for online transactions (after Visa)... read more.

Privacy Policy

We follow a very strict privacy policy. We will not disclose any personal information to any third party. We will never use your email address / home address to send you promotional information, offers, etc... read more.